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"Phillip Doc Martin is someone to watch"

- George Benson, Guitarist/Vocalist

"Doc Martin's music captures the energy of a live club recording"

- Jeff Lorber, Keyboardist



    Phillip "Doc" Martin really is a doctor -- a dentist with a private practice -- but has equally impressive musical creds. Growing up in South Florida, he started playing sax in his public school’s band program and became the leading soloist in the South Plantation High School Jazz Band, and first chair in the All-State Jazz Band.

     He studied music at the University of Central Florida, and was quickly hired as a sideman by Sam Rivers, Marcus Johnson,, Sisaundra Lewis, Sunnie Paxton, and others. He also earned his medical degree, meanwhile, at Howard University College of Dentistry. His amazing saxophone skills were so noted by his peers that he stepped out on his own and became a solo artist. He has been captivating audiences worldwide ever since!

     Martin has eight records under his belt, beginning with “Saxappeal" in 2003 up to his latest self titled album in 2020. 

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